My first fan submission, from Clyde Petersen:

“Here’s a picture of Your heart breaks and Nana Grizol while on tour in San Jose at a show space, an amazing vintage store called black and brown, or brown and black. I can’t recall. Either way, it’s a huge warehouse full of amazing clothing, Garth Brooks style pearl snaps and sequined beauties. I couldn’t resist asking the band to dress up in these sparkly jackets that were nearby each other on a blazer rack. We hadn’t taken a group picture yet and it was the last night of tour. I almost bought that pink jacket, but then I thought, Seattle is not ready for this. It’s hard to know when you’re in a sunny place, whether your town is prepared for such fashion.

Pictured is Clyde Petersen, Jared Gandy and Theo Hilton. ”

Oh Clyde… Seattle is totally ready. This is the birth of a movement and we are laying the bedrock for a full glam revolution. It’s not too late to call and have it overnighted, right?

Behold! A versatile sequin toque!

Of course we need to start this fashion blog off right and get straight to those little glittery spangles. This particular bedazzled hat came as a Christmas gift for my wife from a one, Aunt Theresa. It never felt quite right on my partner, but as soon as I donned it on my noggin it was clear that it had a higher purpose in the fashion world.

According to Wikipedia: “Evidence exists that gold sequins were being used as decoration on clothing or paraphernalia in the Indus Valley as early as 2500BC.

This comes as no surprise – will there ever be a time when these ingenious glitter disks won’t be used to spruce up a garmet? Notice from the pictures how the hat can shimmer in both the Seattle street sunshine or the depths of the Westlake bus tunnel escalator.

Originally this item came in a strong gold color that some would say has “faded with time”. Instead, I prefer to look at this treasure as having achieved a high-end “washing machine influenced” patina; a sheen of loving wear that only those who’ve rocked this style for many years can appreciate. 

A friend recently posted this picture on her Facebook wall, with the tagline:

Attention men who wish to be sexy: In case you didn’t know what you were aiming for, here is your new fashion/physical beauty ideal.”

Heaven forbid me to tell anyone who or what they should find attractive, but could this really be what the pinnacle of men’s fashion has become? This guy who looks like he just stepped off the Dave Navarro assembly line? 

I so wanna Jackson Pollock his ass in neon. I want liberation from the black box. I want full garment self-expression. A revolution in ornamentation.

This is the purpose of our fashion blog – I reveal my favorite fashion finds, unapologetically. We learn together which taboos we’re willing to transgress. I dig through piles of thrift clothes and teach you how to make a wardrobe out of leftovers. You submit your favorite find that no one else understands. 

Together we see that each of us is a peacock yet to unfurl our tail.