Right now I’m the only bidder

And I want these sooooo bad. But all the money raised in this ebay auction goes directly to one of my favorite artists in the world Jan Terri, so AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT I am going to share this:


You are bidding on the original latex elf shoes that Jan Terri wore in her Rock&Roll Santa video!!
All monies made go to help fund Jan’s big move to Sunny California! 
The winning bidder will also receive a set of extra elf ears intended for the video, but never used.
Still in package, and not for wearing. Just for showing off! The winning bidder will also receive a
secret surprise gift of something cool Jan has used. Could be a denim purse??
Could be a kitten t-shirt?? No matter what it is, if Jan wore it?? It’s going to be cool. 
Shipping in the US is only $5! 
Perfect gift for that Jan Terri fan on your list!!!

Here is the infamous video: