More than one sequins connoisseur on my block.

This is my neighbor, Michael.

On any given at-least-somewhat sunny day you can find this fine gentleman laying out on the grass, soaking up rays & talking with the occasional passerby (human, cat, or otherwise). He’s a happy, deep soul – always ready to talk about energy fields, pyramids, mayan calendars, musique concrète, or the bamboo cheese tray he found in a bargain bin (Full disclosure: Michael successfully convinced me to go in halfsies with him on said cutting board, and now we trade it back and forth between our houses). He’s a sharp fellow, full of interesting stories to share or peculiar perspectives to riff on. 

But yet, with all of those magical aspects shining outward from this person, it has taken me a FULL TWO YEARS to learn that he is also a proud owner of brilliantly crafted sequined garments! 

Truly: What are the chances of two ‘sequined ones’ finding each other living so closeby? 

So, learning of Michael’s mutual interest in flamboyant attire, I could not resist inquiring further when walking past his house this weekend. Always friendly, Michael brought out one of his favorite charms and allowed me to put it on.

Me, twisting side to side in the sunlight.

Michael giving advice on sequin upkeep. 

The best part of all of this? Michael totally allowed me to borrow this dazzler, in fact, he insisted upon it! If you really love something, you gotta set it free right? I feel like I have so much to learn from this dude.