My name in lights

Today as I was walking back from sushi I spotted this woman crouched down and shooting some dude in yellow galoshes on the street. After she was done packing up her camera and getting his contact info, I wandered up to her and asked her if she ran a’street fashion’ blog. You gotta be willing to confront the competition, right?


She said she did, and handed me a business card for Shot By Rain. I told her that I too had just started my own take on Seattle style and gave her my web address.

Then there was a long pause.

I looked down at my shirt and shoes. I coughed a little ‘ahem’. Reluctantly she said “oh, right, I can see why you have a fashion blog. I totally noticed you on the street, mind if I take a few snaps?”.

I blushed and said “really? In these rags?” and then quickly took a pose, with my Starbucks paper cup prominently displayed in my hand. She took a few photos, or at least convincingly seemed to do so, and promised me they might make it onto the blog.

So folks, my dreams may be coming true. I highly encourage you to keep going back to Shot By Rain and let her know you’d LOVE TO SEE GARRETT KELLY (that guy in the purple cordorouys and festive vest) up on her blog in short order. Maybe you should leave an obsessive amount of comments? (I will be)┬áThis would be my first Seattle street fashion debut and really, don’t you think it’s a bit overdue?