The Perils of Fashion Blogging

I bet you think it soooooo easy to write a style guide for the EveryMan, but in truth, there are a ton of undocumented pitfalls awaiting those who have the gift of thrift. While happening upon things like this decaying doll may be a tad bit disgusting, there are far worse items to uncover while digging through other people’s trash. One of the workers at the Bins recently told me that someone once found a HUMAN SKULL beneath a pile of clothes. While I’ve never incurred that ultimate of misfortunes, I have found used pregnancy tests. 


And this bird thing in a frying pan.


And just this weekend, something sealed in a biohazard bag. 

Look, I’m not trying to discourage you from going out and rooting around in giant piles of blankets, jackets, unpaired shoes, and treasures galore!!! In fact, quite the opposite. 

But if you want to go on this journey with me – see yourself go from frumpy to fabulous – it is imperative you understand that FASHION is all about RISK