A friend recently posted this picture on her Facebook wall, with the tagline:

Attention men who wish to be sexy: In case you didn’t know what you were aiming for, here is your new fashion/physical beauty ideal.”

Heaven forbid me to tell anyone who or what they should find attractive, but could this really be what the pinnacle of men’s fashion has become? This guy who looks like he just stepped off the Dave Navarro assembly line? 

I so wanna Jackson Pollock his ass in neon. I want liberation from the black box. I want full garment self-expression. A revolution in ornamentation.

This is the purpose of our fashion blog – I reveal my favorite fashion finds, unapologetically. We learn together which taboos we’re willing to transgress. I dig through piles of thrift clothes and teach you how to make a wardrobe out of leftovers. You submit your favorite find that no one else understands. 

Together we see that each of us is a peacock yet to unfurl our tail.