Behold! A versatile sequin toque!

Of course we need to start this fashion blog off right and get straight to those little glittery spangles. This particular bedazzled hat came as a Christmas gift for my wife from a one, Aunt Theresa. It never felt quite right on my partner, but as soon as I donned it on my noggin it was clear that it had a higher purpose in the fashion world.

According to Wikipedia: “Evidence exists that gold sequins were being used as decoration on clothing or paraphernalia in the Indus Valley as early as 2500BC.

This comes as no surprise – will there ever be a time when these ingenious glitter disks won’t be used to spruce up a garmet? Notice from the pictures how the hat can shimmer in both the Seattle street sunshine or the depths of the Westlake bus tunnel escalator.

Originally this item came in a strong gold color that some would say has “faded with time”. Instead, I prefer to look at this treasure as having achieved a high-end “washing machine influenced” patina; a sheen of loving wear that only those who’ve rocked this style for many years can appreciate.