The new hotness: iPhone Cases

The other day at lunch I ran across a woman with an amazing peacock bedazzled iPhone. I stopped her in the middle of a bite of food and asked her all about her luxury item.

This thing was gorgeous – about 2 inches thicker on the back than any case I’ve ever seen – but gorgeous. I sure am happy that Apple keeps making their phones thinner and thinner so we can just add more amazing stacks of jewels to their backsides!

I’ve been searching all over the internet for more cases like this, and it looks like there are folks out there making their own versions you can pick up. Here are just a few I found doing a google image search. 

This last one is genius! It’s both an iPhone cover with lots of bling – WHILE ALSO SERVING AS A HAT!

The Holiday season is arriving soon. I know what I’m putting on my letter to Santa. 😉