My first fan submission, from Clyde Petersen:

“Here’s a picture of Your heart breaks and Nana Grizol while on tour in San Jose at a show space, an amazing vintage store called black and brown, or brown and black. I can’t recall. Either way, it’s a huge warehouse full of amazing clothing, Garth Brooks style pearl snaps and sequined beauties. I couldn’t resist asking the band to dress up in these sparkly jackets that were nearby each other on a blazer rack. We hadn’t taken a group picture yet and it was the last night of tour. I almost bought that pink jacket, but then I thought, Seattle is not ready for this. It’s hard to know when you’re in a sunny place, whether your town is prepared for such fashion.

Pictured is Clyde Petersen, Jared Gandy and Theo Hilton. ”

Oh Clyde… Seattle is totally ready. This is the birth of a movement and we are laying the bedrock for a full glam revolution. It’s not too late to call and have it overnighted, right?

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