My first fan submission, from Clyde Petersen:

“Here’s a picture of Your heart breaks and Nana Grizol while on tour in San Jose at a show space, an amazing vintage store called black and brown, or brown and black. I can’t recall. Either way, it’s a huge warehouse full of amazing clothing, Garth Brooks style pearl snaps and sequined beauties. I couldn’t resist asking the band to dress up in these sparkly jackets that were nearby each other on a blazer rack. We hadn’t taken a group picture yet and it was the last night of tour. I almost bought that pink jacket, but then I thought, Seattle is not ready for this. It’s hard to know when you’re in a sunny place, whether your town is prepared for such fashion.

Pictured is Clyde Petersen, Jared Gandy and Theo Hilton. ”

Oh Clyde… Seattle is totally ready. This is the birth of a movement and we are laying the bedrock for a full glam revolution. It’s not too late to call and have it overnighted, right?

Photo’s From the First Ever Sequins In Seattle Runway Show

Thanks to my lovely wife Amber, we have a a photo series from our first runway show. Putting this together was an exhausting labor of love that kept me up many sleepless nights; I worked to the very last minute finalizing these looks and making sure every button was secured, every stitch impeccably tailored. Thanks to my incredible team and volunteer models (D, Jonathan, Kenn Job, Eric O, and Brittnie Fuller). You are all dynamite.

Now, for the show: 



Mix 1 part Part Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Neutrino, 
1 Part Screech from Saved By The Bell
Serve cool….



This is actually just what Eric was wearing that day. It was so good I pushed him on stage.


This ensemble is all about ‘magic’. Featuring a vintage green suit found on the street in Columbia City (next to a stack of books on Aleister Crowley & Pagan witchcraft), it’s also paired with shoes painted by Goddess Kring and a Hawaiian shirt my dad used to wear as passive-aggressive ‘formal wear’. 



This look uses Weekend At Bernies care-free chic juxtaposed with a little Red Riding 
Hood aesthetic.  


I love it when my models ‘improvise’’



This lovely top is a recent addition to my collection, after being gifted from my AMAZING NEIGHBOR MICHAEL, who, as it turns out, is a MAJOR SEQUIN AFICIONADO. A look that says “I would follow that leader”


Here we introduce our first full bridal attire. Salvaging
a discarded white petticoat, we’ve broken the shackles of traditional gown & veil, and instead
crowned the top with a gold encrusted bodice. Red cranberries and a coral belt accent this simple wedding dress for no reason at all, really.


Don’t ever stop dreaming. 
Reach for the stars….
Remeber you can be whatever you want to be. 
Make every step you take a giant leap for humankind. 
Believe in a world that is more than just Sequins In Seattle. 
Imagine a world with SEQUINS ON THE MOON. 


And scene.


I’m just finding out that on top of the first ever SEQUINS IN SEATTLE RUNWAY SHOW, GODDESS KRING will also have a booth at this Saturday’s DIY HOLIDAY FAIR. I highly encourage you to stop whatever you are doing and watch this short documentary about her (nsfw):

GODDESS KRING (Shannon Kringen) is most well known for being a cult icon from Seattle cable access, but she’s also a terrific photographer (she’ll be selling prints this Saturday) as well as a SHOE PAINTER. In fact, for my wedding this year I had her do a custom pair of shoes. Check them out!


If you bring a pair of sneakers with you, she says she’ll paint on them for you right there ON THE SPOT. 

“My normal shoes are 100 or 150 for fancy onces…but I will paint on the spot for a cheap price like 20 bucks. The shoes would dry in a few hours or I could also use sharpie markers on shoes if they are suede or smooth leather and it’s instantly dry. I’ll also do $5.00 for face paint.”



More info about the fair, here.

Right now I’m the only bidder

And I want these sooooo bad. But all the money raised in this ebay auction goes directly to one of my favorite artists in the world Jan Terri, so AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT I am going to share this:


You are bidding on the original latex elf shoes that Jan Terri wore in her Rock&Roll Santa video!!
All monies made go to help fund Jan’s big move to Sunny California! 
The winning bidder will also receive a set of extra elf ears intended for the video, but never used.
Still in package, and not for wearing. Just for showing off! The winning bidder will also receive a
secret surprise gift of something cool Jan has used. Could be a denim purse??
Could be a kitten t-shirt?? No matter what it is, if Jan wore it?? It’s going to be cool. 
Shipping in the US is only $5! 
Perfect gift for that Jan Terri fan on your list!!!

Here is the infamous video: 



This is my big debut! I spent the afternoon with Kenneth Piekarski and Jonathan Grosvenor, putting together a few fab looks using things pulled directly from my closet.  This runway show will be for the annual Hollow Earth Radio / VERA PROJECT DIY Holiday Fair, and in the spirit of doing it myself I’m putting together items that are already in my wardrobe and assembling them into a souffle of high rising high-fashion. 

The fair is a great fundraiser for two rad non-profit organizations (full disclosure: I’m a co-founder of Hollow Earth) while also being a top-notch spot to pick up vintage clothing, weird crafts, and new records from local labels. 

You can find out more about the fair here: Facebook Invite

And here’s just a preview of some of my upcoming winter line you’ll see strutting the catwalk this weekend! 


Hope to see you at the fair! It’s totally free!

Value Village Report

Whenever I enter a thrift store I literally always start with the Menswear section and work myself around to vests and long-sleeve shirts. I don’t really know why I bother though – perhaps out of habit ? Because it’s absurdly rare that I ever find anything of substance in these sections. 

Take it from me: As any devotee of the extravagant arts will tell you, the real luxury lies in the section  WOMEN’S JACKETS. 

The other night, after a crushing defeat on the second floor of Value Village in Capitol Hill, I slumped down the stairs empty handed and a little dejected. I was killing time at the store, waiting around for some friends. But I got bored quickly, because I simply couldn’t find one thing worth even picking off the rack on the entire floor devoted to ‘Men’. 

Depressed, I decided to mill about the rows and rows of Women’s garments and lo and behold! – SO MANY JACKPOTS!!!!

Big fan of the striped elbow patches!


Lime green jacket! Although Amber thinks the fringe kills the look, plus she says it’s oversized. But whatever, I’m getting a little tired of having to tell her “Um, excuse me, which one of us runs – arguably – Seattle’s most successful fashion blog ?” Plus, the oversized look kinda reminds me of  David Byrne / Talking Heads  – you going to tell me those folks aren’t stylish? 

I wasn’t the only dude who found something special in the jackets supposedly reserved for ‘Women’. Here’s a picture of Dizzy Giggleflix & Kate – a chic duo walking the same aisles I was in. Dizzy had just found this Celtic inspired trenchcoat and it’s a real gem.

I am now convinced there is no reason to even venture into the Men’s section at thrift stores anymore. It’s always a let down. And this experiment help proves that there are plenty of garments for those who identify as men; in fact, I’m pretty sure that these clothing aisles distinctions between ‘Mens/Women’s’ are really just a way to separate ‘dull, tired, browns/khakis and cargo shorts’ from everything bright, elegant and fucking fantastic!